"To provide smart solutions for our client’s complex business issues and produce tangible results by gaining actionable insights from data."

About Us

Envolve Inc. is a Consulting Group established in 2010 by an executive management team with fifty years of overall experience across multiple industries.

We provide business intelligence, analytic and data management and project management consulting services to financial, healthcare, government, retail and insurance sectors. Through our work in multiple industries, we have built an excellent reputation by providing end-to-end solutions for complex data management issues with our clients.

The financial crisis of 2008 created a unique opportunity for several long-time business associates and good friends to band together to form Envolve. When the initial dust from the financial meltdown settled, large and small companies connected to the financial community shut their doors for good. There were a few small glimpses of opportunity amidst the rubble. From that very tough time, Envolve emerged, and has become instrumental in helping financial companies solve their business problems ever since. Leveraging skills that span multiple industry sectors, Envolve is actively engaged in the healthcare, government, and financial sectors, with a successful history in many more. With slow and calculated steady growth, low debt to income ratio, and a strong senior leadership group, Envolve is poised to continue that growth now and in the future.

What We Do

We offer a know-how approach that addresses business data and analytics needs combined with our deep expertise in IT business process, system integration, data management and ming, and advanced analytical techniques to develop real-time applications, BI interfaces, and data warehousing solutions. We provide our clients with the ability to make critical business decisions that incorporates business intelligence (BI), data integration (DI), and business analytics technologies that fits the specific client need and environment.

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